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Recording Studio

•  Our recording studio has been designed to combine analogue & digital technologies in order to provide a highly flexible solution to all your recording needs. Our studio’s many benefits include the following:

•  Our DAW system is Studio One. Mac and PC compatible Studio One provides truly high resolution audio, recording at sample rates up to 384 kHz with 32-bit floating point resolution. Studio One Professional can operate its mixer with 64-bit floating-point, double-precision processing.

•  Our 24 track Soundcraft mixing desk features pre-fade listen, 100mm linear faders, insert points, direct channel outputs, individually switchable +48V phantom power, phase reverse, EQ in/out switching and a hi-pass filter. The stereo inputs – two on every 12-channel frame, four on other frame sizes – feature shelving 2-band EQ and six aux sends.

•  Extensive additional software provides a vast array of effects, from classic reverbs & compression etc. to innovative keyboard, guitar amp, & microphone emulation, all usable in ‘real-time’ for you to utilise in your performance & final mix.

•  Make use of our in-house equipment such as Marshall, Laney & Fender Deluxe guitar & bass amps. For keys we have Roland Juno & JP8000 analogue modelling synthesisers.

•  Our Mac based system provides the most powerful source for software compatibility. The i5 2.9 Ghz processor and 8GB ram running on a solid state drive provides more than enough power for any recording situation.

•  Full foldback headphone monitoring system allows for up to 4 different mixes to be supplied simultaneously to multiple separate sets of headphones - everyone performing can therefore have their own tailored mix to monitor while recording.

•  Ensure the clarity of your final recordings using our full kit drum microphones, & a choice of dynamic & condenser microphones available for all other applications.

•  Record your full band simultaneously to retain that ‘live’ feel, or build your mix over custom tailored ‘click-tracks’ to get the best part of each recorded take into a final commercial quality result.


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