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Live Performance
Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

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DipLCM in Electric Guitar Performance
Duration: 30 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (120hrs)

The popular live performance course is a ten week course designed as a transition period between grades. It offers students the opportunity to build confidence in their performing skills and put their musical knowledge into practice. Students study popular songs and breakdown the theory, arrangement and learn how to re-create the sound as a live performance with a full band. Areas covered include:



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The Diploma course is an advanced stage of the Guitarists musical education. It is designed to take Guitarists up to professional standards. This year long course will lead to a final examination. Successful candidates will then be awarded a DipLCM and will be given the honour of being permitted to place those letters after their name.

The course will take place over a year with students attending for 4 hours of tuition per week. Each term will be ten weeks long. Prospective students should be under no illusions about the demands of this course. Studying for the Diploma is intensive and a very high level of commitment will be required.

There are no pre-requisite qualifications for the diploma but students should be able to demonstrate a very high standard of performance. Security of technique and the ability to communicate an emerging sense of musical personality will be expected.

Acceptance on the course is subject to a successful audition.
Diploma (DipLCM) in Performance