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At the school we have several classrooms that are used for our range of tuition we provide. We also have a players' lounge which students can use to relax and socialise with fellow students. In addition we have our recording studio which provides bands and musicians a recording facility and houses our Recording 101 course.

Equipped Rehearsal Rooms

Its encouraged that students try to get involved with a band environment, regardless of ability. The benefits of putting what you've achieved can be immensely fulfilling. At ‘The Guitar School' you can benefit from purpose built sound proof rooms where you can be creative and perform as loud as you like.

The facilities include basic rehearsal equipment such as:

Room 1:

•  350 Watt Peavey P.A. System
•  Marshall Guitar Stack
•  Hartke 2000 Series 200 Watt Bass amp inc. 1 x 300 Watt Cabinet
•  Premier XPK standard drum kit

Room 2: (Air conditioned)

•  250 Watt Behringer P.A. System
•  Marshall Guitar Stack
•  250 Watt Peavey Bass Combo
•  Premier Cabria drum kit

The rooms also offer: Hot and cold drink vending machine and toilet facilities.

Room 3: Western Road

•  250 Watt Behringer P.A. System
•  Peavey Guitar Combo x 2
•  165 Watt Laney Combo Bass Amp
•  Mapex (rock toms) drum kit

Room 4: Western Road - (Air conditioned)

•  250 Watt Laney P.A. System
•  Hughes Kettner Guitar Combo
•  165 Watt Laney Combo Bass Amp
•  Hartke 2000 Series 200 Watt Bass amp inc. 1 x 300 Watt Cabinet
•  Pearl Session Series drum kit

The rooms also offer: Kitchen and toilet facilities.

Please note that all equipment should be treated with the up most respect so everyone can benefit from this service.

Additional Services

Guitar orientated bands who are serious about gigging and becoming established with local venues can have the opportunity of utilising our recording area and professional advice in sound engineering. For bands who are trying to establish themselves in a local circuit, can benefit from our connections through local magazines and contacts. We regularly communicate with magazines which specialise in local talent; we supply them with gigging dates, venues and up and coming events. For the talented musicians/bands, we can also arrange interviews which could be mentioned as features in local magazines.

Note: costs for practice area and recording space apply, as with networking and any additional work that is required from the school.


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