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'Introduction to your instrument'

For those people who are completely new to playing a musical instrument or singing, this starter course is a perfect opportunity to be introduced gently into music education. It gives you a chance to try out lessons and see whether you really enjoy learning an instrument and of course, whether you have the aptitude to learn to play/sing. During this course we will be discussing the most effective way to approach learning to play as well as learning some of the rudiments of music theory.
This very relaxed course which is designed to give the beginner musician confidence as well as giving them a good grounding in the basics of music and we’ll also give the candidate a clear understanding of how our grading system works. On the ‘Introduction to your instrument’ course we will be exploring different learning techniques in order to maximise efficiencies when it comes to home practice.
Funding for this course is also available and is not means restricted the only criteria is that you are over 12 years of age.  

Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

Preliminary Grade

On completion of this grade the students will have an understanding of basic scales and chords and how the scales could be played as an improvisational solo over a chord progression. You will also be introduced to site reading and will be given exercises to develop a musical ear; this will consist of simple but effective interval exercises. Within the classroom environment there will be opportunities to demonstrate your progress among likeminded individuals.

Electric Guitar: Priliminary
Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

Grade 1

On completion of grade 1 the students will have a further understanding of basic scales and will be able to play scales over 2 octaves. Students will also have acquired the ability to play additional chords including major 7th chords. Sight reading becomes a important part of this grade. In order for students to gain the knowledge of the fret board layout students should be able to play a piece of music in 4/4 time at 60 b.p.m within I octave of musical notation. At this stage students confidence will be building through our live production sessions.

Electric Guitar: Grade 1
Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

Grade 2

On completion of grade 2 the students will be able to play previously learnt scales using different key signatures. Students will also be able to play Pentatonic scales in all 5 positions. Additional chords will be obtained to enhance the student's ongoing chord vocabulary. A clear understanding of how lead solos work over chord progressions and the ability to perform these would be expected from students completing this grade. Ongoing notational reading will be acquired, including an awareness of dynamics and musical theory. Students will also have picked up a variety of guitar techniques from the preliminary up to this stage.

Electric Guitar: Grade 2
Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

Grade 3 (Intermediate)

Students will have an understanding and have the ability to play arpeggios, in addition to further scale positions. Barre chords will be required at this grade and students will be able to play at least 4 different chords using this barre shape. In previous grades, we would have referred to the theory of the harmonized major scale; at this stage the group will be able to confidently apply this knowledge in relation to composition and transcription.

Electric Guitar: Grade 3
Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

Grade 4

On completion of Grade 4, students would have expanded their chord vocabulary and would have acquired further scale positions to benefit their lead improvisational skills. Students will also have acquired more guitar techniques and will be able to incorporate these into guitar solos. Students will have a greater understanding of musical theory and will be able to associate this with the practical element of the course. Time signatures, sight reading skills and dynamics will also develop further during Grade 4.

Electric Guitar: Grade 4
Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

Grade 5

Grade 5 marks the end of the intermediate level. At this stage guitarists will be knowledgeable and experienced in order to function in live gigging situations. On this course it will be encouraged for all students to get involved with a live performance, this will give the individual the satisfaction of putting into practice what they have learned to date. All of the information gathered from previous grades will be well established in the minds of the musician and will be able to converse confidently with other musicians.

Electric Guitar: Grade 5
Duration: 10 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (20hrs)

Grade 6 - 8 (Advanced)

Grades 6-8 will be the more advanced element and will therefore require more time dedicated to the remaining grades. We will increase the allocated time to 20 week courses in order to complete each stage.

Electric Guitar: Grade 6 - 8
Duration: 20 weeks
Course time: 2 hours per week (40hrs)

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