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Students of our school can expect a dedicated team of musicians to provide them
with the support they require to meet their desired musical aims. Whether you are choosing music as a career or maybe just something to impress your friends with we have your interests as our entire motivation. Our commitments will allow you to explore your individual goals. Motivation comes from many places, one of which is the financial outlay, it is recommended that course fees are paid in advance; the psychological effect of paying up front will drive the individual to success. We accommodate for all ages and abilities.

What is expected from you?

Of course, we can only go so far, the results students achieve we depend on the effort that is put in. With the information you acquire from each two hour session, it will be necessary for students to devote time to practice outside of lessons, with this dedication you will be able to develop your skills and enhance your understanding of music. Remember, the key to success is through an individual's determination.

Your Aspirations

Recognised qualifications are offered for those who wish to pursue music on an academic level: the exams will be held periodically throughout the year and will be determined by the London College of Music. However, music doesn't necessarily have to be confined to exam dates, students who just want the experience of playing the guitar will also benefit from this course and will receive equal attention from 'C.M.S' team.


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